Investigative Equipment

By far the most equipment we us is during site investigations for alleged ghost and poltergeist activity. Because the phenomena is still largely not understood, we use a variety of equipment to monitor sources of energy and the electromagnetic spectrum.  We collect visual and auditory data as well as infrared, far infrared (thermal) and low frequency magnetic fields amongst others. By measuring as much of the natural environmental conditions as is practicable, we hope to better understand the factors involved should any paranormal activity occur. The use of a controlled environment and the logging of data is an essential factor of paranormal investigations as it allows for clearer analysis of anomalies and their origin.


Does this equipment detect ghosts or the paranormal?

The simple answer to that question is No. The equipment has been designed for its primary purpose (not detecting ghosts), however it may help us detect inconsistent variables in the environment and also gives us invaluable data for correlation and comparison over a long term period, to help observe emerging patterns and conditions. Many groups fall short and assume that “unusual” readings must be of paranormal in origin as they do not understand the limitations of the equipment they are using and what mundane or normal factors can cause such unusual readings.


The use of Data Logging equipment

APRA Inc believes that data logging equipment and software is extremely beneficial in understanding the variables of the “natural” environment over a longer period of time. By understanding the “normal” and by eliminating spurious factors thought to contribute to reports of the paranormal, evidence of potential paranormal phenomena may in fact be strengthened. The more false positives eliminated, the stronger the evidence.

We have also successfully devised and built our own equipment to suit our needs and to fit in with our protocols. Vlad Dubaj is our resident equipment maker and is continually devising new equipment for our investigations.

Our goal is to record any anomalous fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, temperature, humidity and other environmental readings that may not pertain to natural sources. Strength and credibility of unusual phenomena can be greatly increased when unusual readings are obtained synchronously across multiple devices.


CCTV Surveillance Cameras, DVR System

Objectively recording a physical environment typically justifies the use of camcorders and still cameras. One theory of physical monitoring is to assess whether “ghosts” can be physically recorded, as opposed to being subjectively experienced (hallucinations) by a witness. It can also account for the movement of participants in a controlled environment.

APRA Inc has 10 surveillance cameras which we use in our investigations, they range from 1/3 inch SONYCCD 54 LED cameras with an amazing 100m range. As part of the surveillance camera set up we use two Digital Video Records/ Hard Drive and our personally modified recording software. We also have a range of cable lengths from 100m to 10m, depending on locations, power points can be a problem. These types of cameras are set up and run through the entire investigation usually around reported “Hot Spots”, “Active” and “Controlled” areas.


Environmental, EMF, and Other Data Logging Monitoring Equipment

Perception of change in temperature can be an endogenous experience – this is, it can be an internal physiological event or an objective variation in temperature or draught. This method uses temperature data loggers to track variation in temperatures.

Our primary data logger equipment and software was devised by Vlad Dubaj. The sensors are linked to “Linkview” software and give a continuous recording of required data, such as temperature, ionisation and EMF throughout the investigation. The software produces a graph showing analysis of each location. We also use a range of standard hand held measuring devices.


Handheld EMF Detectors

APRA Inc currenty has around eight handheld Electromagnetic Field Detectors in its equipment portfolio. We use a variety of EMF meters from Tri-Field to standard single axis meters with bandwidths ranging from 30Hz to 2,000Hz. Although this type of equipment has specifically been designed for the obvious, to read Electromagnetic Field reading from natural/ man-

made sources, There is to date no known evidence that an EMF meter can be used to detect paranormal activity and these meters should not be used for this purpose without understanding the limits and specifications of each model type. However, if used correctly and by eliminating natural sources, occasionally positive results may be obtained.


Other Environmental Monitoring Equipment

As with EMF meters, the other environmental monitoring equipment we use has been specifically designed for its primary purpose of monitoring natural variables. We use the equipment for this purpose, but it is beneficial to monitor unusual patterns in readings that do not run consistent with the natural environment of the location. From EMF activity and infra-sound to elevated carbon monoxide levels. However, an understanding of the equipments limitations and how it operates is essential before implying results or readings pertain to an unusual event.


Infra-sound Detection and Experimental Equipment

Our resident equipment maker Vlad, is currently building an Infra-sound detector to record sound below 20Hz. Infra-sound and the paranormal is still in its infancy, although many studies have been carried out in this area, most notably bu the late Vic Tandy of Coventry University. It may have an effect on the human brain in terms of feelings of unease, but there is no evidence to suggest that all paranormal occurrences are attributed to infra-sound, like Vic Tandy suggested.