Current Projects

A number of exciting equipment projects and investigation proposals are currently underway:


True surround, 3D audio recording apparatus – allowing of accurate recoding of audio sounds in space without the use of a head transfer function (HTF).

Why? Better identification and localization of sounds during ghost/haunting investigations. This has been spurred on by the fact that we have obtained numerous acoustic anomalies in the course of our investigations that were difficult to locate and identify using standard stereo recording systems, and ‘triangulation’ using multiple recorders was not possible.

Magnetometer recording station – providing freely available online data as part of a global amateur network

Why? Currently no magnetometer data relevant directly to the state of Victoria is available. The closest magnetometer stations are located in Canberra (ACT) and in Hobart (Tasmania), both of which are far enough away as to miss potentially important magnetic field fluctuations directly in our vicinity. The project is intended to be incorporated into the local community by establishing a collaboration with local high schools and primary schools.

What is the magnetometer for? There is evidence that magnetic field fluctuations correlate with paranormal experiences. These fields can be of a strength that is in the order of the earths magnetic field. It is deemed important to continuously measure this field in order to compare it to documented instances of paranormal phenomena.

“Table Tipping” experiment – try to understand the mechanism by which a table seemingly moves against the laws of physics, whilst being lightly touched by a number of experimenters.

Why? Numerous sources have stated that movements of a table can be induced by a group of people with a focused intent, that purportedly does not rely on their physical exertion. This is an interesting experiment from equally important aspects of the mechanical as well as psychological factors.

Mediums, Séances and Brain Activity – Monitoring of brain electrical activity using electroencephalography (EEG) during ‘spirit communications’ channelled by mediums.

Why? Assuming the mediums are ‘channelling’ disembodied spirits it would be advantageous to observe both the location of the activity as well as the type of activity occurring. This data could be used to help more reproducibly induce such trance states, thereby helping scientists increase experimental reproducibility. The data could also be used to compare with varying states of consciousness, to help gain insight into similarities and differences.

Brain activity of individuals during OBE – Detection of changes in brain activity as well as other physiological variables

Why? The logic underlying this study is similar to that of investigating brain activity of mediums (above). The brain could be the cause of the activity or it could just be a conduit through which this activity occurs. The more information the clearer the understanding.

Gravitometer system

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