Assisting The Community

A number of clients have expressed their gratitude to us for simply being able to call and discuss any unusual phenomena with us. It seems that when one begins experiencing any unexplained phenomena, it is difficult to bring this up with friends or even relatives for fear of being perceived negatively or even ridiculed. Just knowing that there is someone who is willing to listen to your story with an open mind can help a lot in settling anxiety and concerns. This is just the first step in our assistance.

Our aim is to both assist the community and to learn about the phenomena in question. Ultimately, it is the increased understanding of the mechanisms by which these phenomena occur that will allow greater control and assistance.

APRA Inc has the resources to perform a extensive background research when necessary, and to perform site investigations. We have  also, over the years established numerous contacts and links to businesses and organizations claiming to be able to remove negative energies and spirits. Whilst as as scientific organisation we do not, and cannot claim their effectiveness based on any current scientific knowledge, we believe that these people are genuine in their willingness to assist people in need. Their willingness to assist us in our research is one factor that brings credibility to their motives.