Brain, Mind and the Paranormal

  Scientists may be on the wrong track on their journey to understanding human consciousness. In the process of grasping the function of the brain, slipping through their fingers is the workings of the mind. Despite extensive theories about brain function, current theories still cannot accommodate consciousness: this leaves them severely lacking. However the field [...]

Cape Otway Lighthouse - IR camera

Cape Otway Lightstation


Can you assist us with our OBE research?

    APRA are looking for people in the Melbourne area who are able to induce an Out-of-Body Experience. We would like to study a number of aspects of the OBE phenomena. These include: * Changes in brain activity and other physiological markers such as blood pressure, heart rate variability and respiration. * Ability of [...]

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Research strikes a blow against ESP – How exactly?

‘Research strikes a blow against ESP’ was the title of an article which appeared in The Age on the 14th of January 2014. It may be found online at i festyl e/l i fe/research-stri kes-a-bl ow-agai nst-esp-20140114-30sck.html or  here Research strikes a blow against ESP. I was intrigued and begun to read with much interest. The [...]

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Right wing of prisoner cells

French Island Gaol Investigation


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Commandants House - Door to Back of House

Port Arthur Prison


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Aradale front entrance

Aradale Mental Asylum


Artist's depiction of solar wind particles interacting with Earth's magnetosphere. Sizes are not to scale. Taken from:

Geomagnetic Activity Induced Apparitions

Walter Randall and Steffani Randall (1991) The Solar Wind and Hallucinations – A Possible Relation Due to Magnetic Disturbances. Bioelectromagnetics 12:67-70. This study looked at a total of 49 cases of visual “hallucinations” reported by individuals of recently deceased relatives. The cases were taken a massive survey conducted by the society of psychical research in [...]


Consciousness from Quantum Vibrations?

Consciousness is a phenomenon that seems to resist scientific understanding despite our ever increasing knowledge of brain function. In the mid-1990’s Roger Penrose, a physicist and Stuart Hameroff, an anaesthesiologist came up with a theory that put the focus on quantum activity of microtubules. Now there is research that seems to give support to the [...]

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Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Paranormal Activity?

  You may or may not know this, but that there is literally more to the universe than we can physically see or detect using current scientific equipment. It is estimated that all the ‘visible’ matter in the universe, the stuff that stars, planets and humans are made of, is only around 4% of everything [...]

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