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Report Anomalous Activity

APRA is an association of which relies on private reports and first hand accounts of “anomalous” activity and experiences. If we deem an investigation necessary, we offer to perform this service at no expense to the owner.

All information of our investigations will be kept confidential unless permission is granted to publish results on our website.

If you wish to report any anomalous activity which you, family or friend require assistance with, please do send us an e-mail to INFO at PARAPSYCHOLOGY dot ORG dot AU or click on the Contact Us link at the top and complete the contact form.


About Us


Founder and Neuroscientist

Vladimir Dubaj BSc, PhD

Dr. Vladimir comes from a science background with a BSc in neurophysiology and a PhD in biomedical imaging. His interest in hauntings and other paranormal phenomena suggestive of survival of consciousness is founded in two main areas:

• The instrumentation and equipment used to detect potentially paranormal events; what are they detecting and what is the significance of the electromagnetic spectrum in which the event is detected?

• The theoretical aspects of ghosts and paranormal events; under what collective set of environmental (and psychological?) circumstances do these phenomena manifest in the physical world?

Vladimir is a member of the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research.

Vladimir is also our resident equipment maker and has successfully designed our temperature/ humidity data logging software/ sensors and ion detector.


Mission Statement

APRA Inc strives to assist individuals and the general community on the topic of parapsychological phenomena through scientific research and education. APRA aims to advance the understanding of these phenomena through active research and collaborative efforts with like-minded individuals and organizations.

APRA Inc is a not-for-profit organisation which focuses on Scientific Research, Public Education and Community Assistance regarding phenomena that people assume to be paranormal.

APRA Inc offers numerous avenues of education ranging from public lectures through to one day seminars. We provide support to members of the community that believe they are experiencing some sort of paranormal phenomena. By helping individuals understand what the phenomena are and possibly how they operate, we can help ease fear through understanding. In order to best service the community through education and assistance, APRA also invests much of its time and resources to its third core focus area – that of active Research.