2019 Real Ghostbusters Conference – May 24-26

Welcome to the first ‘Real Ghostbusters Conference’ being conducted in Melbourne, May 24th to the 26th, 2019. The conference will feature a range of speakers with different viewpoints of ghost and haunting activity.

For details: https://melbourneevents.net


  • 3 x real-life ghostbusters for haunted places
  • 1 x ghostbuster for entity attachments to individuals
  • 1 x scientific investigator and researcher in paranormal activity 

Speakers will also talk about:

  • Real cases of hauntings in Australia.
  • What causes the hauntings and what are ghosts?
  • How they clear the hauntings and
    the outcome.
  • Scientific research into ghost and haunting activity.
  • The nature of entities and their attachment to human beings.
  • What are the effects on the people who are exposed to long-term hauntings and negative entity attachments.
  • How to protect yourself from negative entity attachments.
  • Can one tell if they have entity attachments?
  • What leaves you more vulnerable to attachments?
  • Self-care as a psychic practitioner in the industry.
  • How accurate are the portrayals of the spirit world in popular movies?

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